DIY Straw Circle Bag

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Ever since I started to see straw bags accessorizing the cutest outfit posts on Instagram, I was itching to try to make one myself. A brief stint in hat making gave me an idea of how to go about it, and I came up with this fun crossbody circle bag design with sweet top handles. You could adapt the method I used to make a variety of different styles, just keep in mind you might need more or less straw braid depending on what you want to create. I’ve already worn this bag so many times, and I think it’s perfect for running around in the warmer months.


-21 meters of 1 centimeter wide straw braid

-All purpose thread

-Sewing needle

-Embroidery floss to match straw

-Hot glue gun

-An iron


Front and Back pieces:

Begin by misting a section of straw braid with water and lightly steaming it with an iron. This will give the braid more flexibility and help as you fold it into a spiral shape. Fold the end of the braid onto itself to begin the spiral, and secure it by creating several stitches with your needle and thread. Begin to wind the braid around the center, stitching back and forth as you go. Bring the needle up through one side of the braid, and then up through the other so that the side touch and do not overlap. If you run out of thread as you so, knot it off securely, trim, and then start again with more thread. Continue this process until the circle reaches 8 inch or the size you want your bag to be. Knot and trim thread, and cut the straw leaving a three inch tail. Fold the tail underneath, and press with lots of steam. Repeat for the other side of the bag.

Side piece:

Determine where you would like the side piece to start and end on you bag, and measure the distance between the two points. Cut four pieces of straw braid to this length, and sew them to each other following the same method used for the front and bag pieces. After each piece is sewn together, use your iron to steam and help add a curved shape to the side.

Attach the side to the front and back:

Mark where the side should begin and end on the front and back pieces. Follow the same stitching method, and sew the side piece into the second row of braid on the front and back pieces. This process is a little bit more tricky because of the different angle, but gets easier once you get started. Take your time, and be careful to sew on either side of the straw tail so that it remains to the inside of the bag. If desired, trim these tails while you can still open the bag. Sew to the end of each side, know off your thread, and trim.

Add handles:

Cut two equal lengths of straw to use for the top handles. Use your iron to shape them, and then pin them to the bag. Sew them on using the embroidery floss to create an X shape around the handle. Knot the floss off at the back and trim. Repeat for all four handle edges.

Cut a long strap out of the braid, and attach it to the sides of the bag using the same method.


Finishing touches:

Cut four small pieces of straw to fit over the side front (left and right) and side top (left and right ) of the bag. Attach these to the bag with hot glue. Use your hot glue to add extra strength and security to the handles and any other area that seem weak or loose.


And that’s it! If you make this bag, be sure to share it with me by tagging me on Instagram. I’d love to see what you create!


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